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Texas MK Kits are a novel drug combination of Medetomidine HCl and Ketamine HCl that can be used to safely immobilize a wide range of species. This pharmaceutical tool is reversible, produces good analgesia, and has simple dose calculations.

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Benefits & Uses of a Texas MK Kit

  • One bottle down / One bottle up
  • Used for semen draws
  • Lower core temps
  • Used for Al'ing
  • No more mixing drugs
  • Safer than other drugs
  • Hard to overdose
  • Inexpensive

About Texas MK Kits

Texas MK Kits are a very safe and effective combination of two different drugs. Medetomidine HCI and Ketamine HCI, which are used to immobilize a wide range of animals from whitetail deer, to exotic animals, to cattle. Texas MK Kits provide great anesthesia, which in turn provides an excellent and quick recovery for the animal. Texas MK Kits can easily be reversed with an injection of Antipamezole HCI. The following is included in the kit:

30cc vol of Medetomidine HCI & Ketamine HCI

30cc vol of Atpamezole HCI  

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Administration Guidelines

Each kit contains two separate vials: one bottle of MK (Red & White Labels) Medetomidine HCI and Ketamine HCI, and the second bottle is the reversal – Antipamezole HCI (Green & White Labels) To keep it simple and avoid getting the drugs confused, Red labels mean STOP and green labels mean GO. (1.4cc per 100lbs of body weight) Antipamezole Reversal is given on a 1:1 ratio so 1cc of MK Reversal with 1cc of Antipamezole. Recommended dosage is as follows:

  • Small Fawn 0.50cc
  • Doe 1.00c
  • Mature Doe 1.50cc
  • Small Buck 1.50cc
  • Mature Buck 2.00cc

**Recommendations reflect average dosage for whitetail deer**

**Always follow veterinarian advice**

Note: Store MK Reverse at room temperature (72 degrees) and protect from UV light exposure.

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About Axtell Pharmacy

Axtell Pharmacy and Compounding is a local, family owned and operated pharmacy specializing in human and veterinarian specialty medication compounding. In addition to our compounding services, Axtell offers vaccines, any product you’d expect to find at your local pharmacy, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This pharmaceutical tool is reversible, produces good analgesia, and simple dose calculations.

  • 5-15 minutes induction time
  • Relaxed effective abdominal respiration
  • Minimal increase in body core temperature
  • Can be reversed at any time
  • Can Be used for artificial insemination
  • Can be used for semen draws

The combination is designed so that all cervids can be darted with 2cc’s or less

Texas MK Kits can be reversed in 5-10 minutes using Atipamezole HCI given intramuscularly

An MK Kits will anesthetize and reverse up to 30 deer. See MK Dose Administration Guidelines for full details.

MK is effective and safe for both transcervical and laparoscopic artificial insemination

MK is effective and safe for semens draws.

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